What We Do

APSM is a driver performance academy that trains drivers in all the areas that are vital for them to create a successful racing career, this includes skills both on and off track.

We have programmes specific to all stages, from kart drivers through to professional drivers. Never before has such an all-encompassing driver academy existed in motorsport. On this page you can oversee the areas we specialise in.



Following a full assessment related to your  performance (driving, mental, physical and career), we will create your bespoke development programme which will fit into your current schedule. Most of our training will be done at the state of the art training iZone facility at Silverstone.  

We will prepare you for each outing and help you improve in a monitored and measurable way.

Our philosophy is that drivers must become the CEO of their own career. They must understand the industry, how to build their brand and have the entrepreneurial skills to negotiate sponsorship deals. Every APSM driver will be trained in these areas and will have a personal development plan that will prepare them for racing and for life.





Due to our experience/success in motorsport we offer our drivers impartial career advice with their best interest at the forefront of our minds. 

We can assess a driver's skills and offer advice for the best path for you and work alongside any management team that may already be in place. 


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